Hotel Ajanta ( Fish Thali Joint) 3

Hotel Ajanta is one of my favorite fish thali joint in Panaji, Goa. It is located near old secretariat building. It is very popular among people who work in offices near this place.

Besides fish thali, I usually order Mackerel fry – my favorite fish. My mom likes Mori (Shark) curry from this place, which is prepared in goan traditional manner. If you visit during crab season, you might also want to try crab curry. 🙂

I would rate this place very high interms of quality of food, especially fish. This place has typical goan khanawal atmosphere, but if you don’t care too much for ambience and are looking for cheap/quick bite, I would definitely recommend a visit to this place between 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm ( I think it is closed on Sunday )

3 thoughts on “Hotel Ajanta ( Fish Thali Joint)

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  2. Reply Oliver Aug 6,2011 9:53 pm

    I love it when people write reviews like these about your favourate fish joint. It is fantastic for people like me who do travel often. I thoroughly look forward to recommending this place to my friends and also to trying it our whilst on my travels this year.

  3. Reply Jimmy Devasia Oct 30,2011 7:12 pm

    hmm… amazingly i dont think i’ve ever visited this place, which is suprising unless it has come up in the last 7 years which is when i’ve been out of goa. i used to treasure anandashram (a proper hardcore khanaval which supported me through my 4 months of thesis in sao tome, if i remember right, almost opposite hotel venite), suyash near the passport office. and the absolutely unbeatable ‘gado’ near porvorim circle (rs 15 at that time!) run by a mhapsekar for the goan hindu style fish thalis when i was in panjim, before ritz classic, mum’s kitchen and viva panjim started dominating the scene (and perhaps before i could start affording them).

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