setup mac os x (lion) as development machine ( macports: apache + mysql + php + subversion )

Here are the instructions to setup Mac OS X ( Lion ) for MAMP software development. Basically you will need apache, mysql, php, subversion and may be phpmyadmin. I am using macports which simplifies the installation process. 1. Install Xcode from apple’s Mac app store. It might take a while because mac app store is ...

migrate/copy mysql databases from one machine to another

I am currently on Mac OS X( Snow leopard ) and have installed mysql using macports. I wanted to copy my databases to another machine Mac OS X ( Lion ) to avoid creating new db’s from fresh. Here are the instructions for the same. Important: Information about databases is stored in below folder /opt/local/var/db/mysql5 ...

CiviCRM Code / Book sprint through my camera

It’s been amazing code and book sprint in UK, here are some of the moments. Cross posted from

MP Trip 2011 ( Gwalior-Orcha-Jhansi-Khajuraho-Bandhavgarh-Jabalpur-Bhopal ) 1

Here are my rough notes that I took during our groups MP trip. Our group was Ruby, Claudy, Junior, Mahesh and me. Day 0 From Mumbai Dadar: Punjab mail to Gwailor Day 1 Train was hour late. Reached Gwalior at 5.00pm Tip: just walk outside and you will find rickshaws charging minimal Rs. 10 per ...

Mumbai Meri Jaan: Shameful act at Mumbai domestic airport

Mumbai, what can I say about it. It’s been more than 6 years since I moved to Mumbai. I instantly fell in love with this city. I don’t know what I like about this maximum city, is it loving friends or ever helpful people or excellent public transport or good food ( a self confessed ...

Madhya Pradesh Trip – 2011 1

Our groups trip to MP

Saibo (Shor in the city) – Acoustic Cover by Sunakshi Raina

I just love this song and the acoustic version by Sunakshi Raina

Samsung ML2245 (Printer configuration) on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Based on my previous blog, here are the instructions to configure Samsung ML2245 on Mac OS X 10.6 ( currently I am on 10.6.7 ) 1. Install following drivers: samsung-gdi-1.816.2.dmg Foomatic-RIP gplgs-8.71.dmg Note: First install samsung-gdi-1.816.2.dmg and follow #2 instructions. Check if your printer works. If not then install Footmatic-RIP and gplgs-8.71.dmg You should also ...

my best friends wedding

My bestest friend Yashodha’s wedding with Rahul in Jammu

Share / Broadcast wireless network using your mac pro

Imagine you have wifi enabled cell phone or any other device but you have only wired connection which means you cannot browse/download apps on your mobile. Well it takes just one step to setup your mac to broadcast wireless network that can be used by your other devices. System Preferences >> Sharing >> check Internet ...