CiviCRM is an open source and freely downloadable constituent relationship management solution. CiviCRM is web-based, open source, internationalized, and designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups. Integration with Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! content management systems gives you the tools to connect, communicate and activate your supporters and constituents.

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I am lead engineer for CiviCRM India team. I have been with CiviCRM since the inception of the project in 2005.

Besides this I have designed, worked and managed several Drupal / WordPress / Joomla projects.

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Below is the list of few past projects ( pre 2005 ):

Talent Information and Management System
Tools: PHP and PostgreSQL database.

Talent Information and Management System was developed for one of the leading Television Network in Asia. The main aim of this system is to maintain a record of people who have various talents, which can be useful for professionals like directors to cast them in their projects. This system also maintains the records of various professionals like directors, choreographers, musicians etc.

Some of the feature includes maintaining masters for talent like their appearance, work experience, roles, reviews, remarks by other people etc. This system includes advanced searching similar to search engines to make it more user friendly. This is an intranet system and can be accessed only from specific machines which specified in the software. This system also includes user management system with various levels of permission. This system also includes various reports according to client specification.

Web Store
Tools: PHP and MySQL database

Web store is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog (front-end) and an administration tool (backend), which can be easily installed and configured over web-based installation procedures.

Web store is a third party open source shopping cart engine which is customized according to the needs of the client. It involves installation of new modules and new features as per client requirements.
Worked on seven web store and two web malls projects.

Centralized Ticketing System
Tools: PHP and MySQL database.

Centralized Ticketing System was developed for one of the leading Travel Company in Goa, India. This project covers all the needs of a travel company which include ticket booking according to the predefined schedules, creating vehicles of desired designs, maintaining employee & agent data, vehicle maintenance, keeping track of all financial transactions which are finally integrated into Tally-Accounting Software, etc.

This project also involves detailed statistical and graphical report which can be printed as per the need.

Information Concierge
Tools: PHP and PostgreSQL

Information Concierge (IC) is the one-point integrated application that takes care of all hotel management functions from a single interface. It suits the needs of every hotel both large and small.

Information Concierge consists of Front office operations, systems administration, automated audits, management of internal points-of-sales, inventory management, automated generation of reports(including graphical), FNB module and more. This software is customized according to needs of hotels. Around 20 hotels in Goa are using customized version of Information Concierge.

Tools: PHP and MySQL database

Web reservation is an online room search engine with support for multiple hotels as well as online reservation and advance payments. This project also provide administrator panel for each hotel. Using this panel details about the room booking such as room type, seasons, rate, facilities etc. can be controlled.

There are various modules available for this system which includes payment gateway for online booking, advanced statistical report of bookings, interactive availability chart etc. This system can be synchronized with Information Concierge which automatically updates room availability, room status, and various other features of hotel that are displayed on the web. This system also includes special modules like tour and package booking for hotels.

Content Management Website (CMS)
Tools: PHP and MySQL database.

A complete dynamic data driven website. The whole control of the website is handed to the client through an administrative panel. This gives the client a powerful feature of changing his website’s look and feel anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. The HTML pages for his site will be dynamically created on the fly as he adds new menu items.

This system can be customized according to client needs. This system is very user friendly with advanced html editors, slide show feature, etc.

Health Center Soft
Tools: Visual Basic and Microsoft Access

Health Center Soft project is for a Health Center of reputed Multinational Company in Goa, India. This project consists of maintaining employee database and storing of various types of records of an employee. The main feature of the project includes its secure login, advanced searches, statistical reports of employees, etc.

End to End Software Solution
Tools: PHP and MySQL database

This project was done for Department of Information and Technology Government of Goa (D.O.I.T.). This project aims at complete office automation for the D.O.I.T. The main feature of the project includes maintaining records of employees and various other activities associated with department, Project also include features such as hierarchical employee structure which is used granting leaves, document forwarding, sanctioning of bills etc.

This project also includes feature such as leave register and basic modules for payroll. This project also has secured login and various levels of users with the permissions specified by main administrator.

Besides working on above project also worked several web based projects which were done using PHP and MySQL.