Kolibri GUI widget toolkit evaluation

It’s an early stage for Kolibri project and are in the phase of evaluating GUI widget toolkit that can be used for the project. Along with my colleague Lobo, I decide to help in this evaluation.

I volunteered to implement the basic prototype using Angular 2, which will be used for evaluation.

Initial specs:


Based on this I have developed an independent angular app. Here are some of the screenshots.

User listing

Edit user

Add users to the class

You can get the code from: https://github.com/kurund/toy-app

The next task was to integrate it with kolibri application. It took me a while to understand the nuances of Django and finally with the help from kolibri team  I was able to get it working. https://github.com/kurund/kolibri/tree/frontend-demo-base

Now it’s up to kolibri team to decide which framework to choose. Note that other folks in the community are working to build same app in other technologies.

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