Lost and found

I do consider few apps and some of the apple products are highly overrated. Well said that I do own few apple products and I love them. So “Find my iPhone” is one such app which I thought quite useless until today.

My house is around 20km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. I had to finish a lot of errands in the city, so it was a busy morning and by the time I reached home it was around 2.00 pm. After my lunch, I realised that I had lost my phone. I was not able to locate it in the house or car and it was ringing.

It was a bit strange that I was neither sad nor happy, kind of mixed feeling. I should have been sad because I had lost my phone or happy because now it’s an opportunity to buy a new phone (my phone is 3 yrs. old). I had visited several places in the morning and with no one picking up my call, it was impossible to locate it. I was convinced that I had lost my phone.

Then I remembered apple’s “Find my iPhone” service. I have all my devices registered with apple. After logging into my account I tried this service and to my surprise, I was able to see the location of my phone. Based on location I called up one of the places I visited in the morning. After few verification questions, they acknowledged that they have my missing iPhone. I was relieved and called up my Aunt who works in the city to collect it. It was a happy moment to see my phone again when I got it back in the evening.

It’s really cool how technology helped me to find my lost phone. A lesson learnt today, never underestimate any app. Thank you, Apple.

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