WA Campions Cup 2010 1

WA Campions Cup is a football tournament held in my company, Web Access. Just imagine bunch of computer junkies in colorful jersey running after a football, sounds interesting? Believe me it’s great fun. It’s a day to show your footwork, may be curve in banana kick and of course have a wonderful time with your colleagues.

We were divided into 4 team: Konquerors, WA Invaders, Thunderbird, The Broncos

Everyone had to play against each other and top 2 teams makes it to final. So after all the matches final was between my team “Thunderbird” and “WA Invaders”. Lack of fitness and no pior match practice made everyone one of us very tied. I had cramps in both legs and could barely move but I had to push myself for the finals.

Unfortunately our team was no match to WA Invaders, they played really well and we lost 🙁

Inspite of that I am very happy with my team’s performance. They showed a great deal of dedication and determination to reach final. At the end of the day, it was sprit of the game that was true winner.

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