WA Campions Cup 2010 1

WA Campions Cup is a football tournament held in my company, Web Access. Just imagine bunch of computer junkies in colorful jersey running after a football, sounds interesting? Believe me it’s great fun. It’s a day to show your footwork, may be curve in banana kick and of course have a wonderful time with your ...

CiviCRM iphone app ( pre alpha release ) 2

I have developed very basic iphone app for CiviCRM using Titanium framework. Features Allows users to “Search Contacts” from their remote CiviCRM database. Add Individuals. App uses CiviCRM REST interface so you can scale it according to your needs. You can get the code from our public svn repository: http://svn.civicrm.org/tools/branches/v3.2/other/iphone_1.0/ Few screenshots: Originally posted on ...

Trek to Ahupe Ghat through my camera 2

Trek to Ahupe Ghat through my camera:

Trek to Peth Fort

Trek to Peth fort through my camera: