Filling Income Tax returns 2010-1011 2

Filing Income Tax returns was never so easy, thanks to our Government ( India ) If you are an Individual, you can either use Excel or PDF utility listed here: I used PDF since, I don’t have Excel on my mac. So download below pdf: Fill the pdf according to details given in ...

Fyfe Dangerfield – She’s Always A Woman

I just love this song…. v2.0

Finally I got some time to restructure my website. Any feedback is most welcome 🙂

How to remove default title set by drupal

You can implement a module and call below function function modulename_preprocess_page(&$variables) { unset($variables[‘title’]); } This will unset default title, but there are 2 problems: 1. This hook is not called by all the themes. So you cannot entirely rely on this. 2. Some themes check if ‘title’ exits before showing breadcrumb. So if you unset ...